Once you have completed your Sales Tax return with your GA-TaxPro software, you will generate an XML file to upload to the GTC site.

  • Log into your GTC account.
  • From the right side menu, click on “See more links….”
  • On the next “I Want To” window, click the last item:  “Upload a File.”
  • On the “File Upload” window, click “Add Attachments.”
    • Select type “18. XML ST3 File Upload” (at the very bottom of the list)  Hint: just type in the number “18” and it will populate the type for you.
    • Put in something for the description – it doesn’t matter what you type here but you can’t leave it blank.
    • Click the “Browse” button.
  • Find your XML on your computer and select it and then click “Open.”
    • Click the “Save” button.
    • Click the “Submit” button and confirm.

That’s it!   Don’t forget to print a copy of your Confirmation Page.

Your return and payment — if you scheduled it through the XML file — are submitted to the GTC.