Yep.  We’ve lost our “S”!

We’re changing the name of the company and software to more accurately reflect their functions.

Be assured that this change is a good thing, and no reason for concern.  l still own the company, and LuAnn and I are still dedicated to giving you the very best customer care possible!

Here’s a good summary of the changes.

New Names
GA-TaxPro Our new company name! (formerly S-TaxGeorgia)
GA-TaxProperty Used to create Georgia Business Personal Property Tax returns (formerly S-TaxProperty)
GA-TaxSales Used to create, eFile, and ePay Georgia Sales Tax returns (formerly S-TaxPro)
GA-TaxComplete Both of our Georgia Tax programs in one package — for $50 off (formerly our software bundle deal)
New Contact Info Our new website! (Our old site, will still be active for several months.)* Use for questions about subscribing to our software or renewing your subscriptions;  for matters related to your account info, software updates, problems with our website or online ordering site; or for other non-technical questions.*


Use for questions about setting-up our software, troubleshooting problems, and for other technical & user support questions.* Use for general questions about our software and subscriptions.
Our phone number is unchanged: 706-353-3745

* Our new email addresses will all be from the domain, so please use the information in the table above to go ahead and set your email programs to accept emails from that source.  We don’t want you to miss our emails!

Over the next few months, as we implement the change, you’ll see a mix of new and old names and email addresses.  Please be patient with us.  And if you’re ever confused about it, please let us know.

We appreciate each and every one of you who use our software, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Al Davison