The simplest method for moving any GA-TaxPro software from one workstation to another is to begin by copying the entire S_TaxGAw folder from the “old” computer and then pasting it onto the “new” computer in the exact same location (drive+folder).   If you paste onto the new computer into a different drive and/or folder then, that will negate the simplicity of the operation.   Of course, you can change the drive/folder for the “new” computer but, you will have a few more steps to perform.

In the simple form:

  1. Copy and paste the entire S_TaxGAw folder (with all the sub-folders included). Be sure to match the drive/folder combinations on the target workstation with that of the source.  (The default is C:\S_TaxGAw but, if you are moving from one server to another, the drive letters will probably be something other than “C:”)
  2. Next, run the update from the most recent release – even if the copy you have just pasted is the most recent release. There are processes and Windows registry entries that are not obvious but, our update/installation program takes care of all of that for you.
  3. Lastly, run the program named “S-TaxUtility.exe” on the new workstation. This program can be found in the S_TaxGAw folder.   The importance of this step is to install the fonts and Help system files which MUST be installed on each workstation as they are specific to the copy of Windows that the workstation is running.
  4. Start the GA-Tax program and verify that your data is connected and visible to the software. (Since the copy/paste method carries with it all the configuration information for your office, you should see all your clients and returns.)   If your program is running and the data is there, you’re done!

Sometimes, the situation is a bit too involved and different than the simple method will accommodate.    Most of the steps outlined above are still somewhat valid however, if the configuration that is copied in those steps contains invalid drive/folder information then, there will still be some configuration steps to perform.

The basics:  It is vitally important that you know the full path of your existing data!  The configuration file for GA-TaxPro software contains two vital elements that may have to be edited before the software will run correctly and your existing data is available to the GA-TaxPro system.   These two elements are simply the paths to the program folder and the data folder.   At startup, GA-TaxPro will read the configuration file and use the information to attempt to connect to the data set.   It also uses the information to locate key elements of the program.  

In your program folder for GA-TaxPro is a utility program to help you edit this information named “EditSetup.exe”.   This is a stand-alone setup editor window that is almost the same as what you find in the system under the “System > Setup Information” menu.   This program is quite useful if you have, for instance, changed the location of your GA-TaxPro data folder from the previous installation.   (Note:  This program is “friendly” in that it allows you to browse to the location and there is no “penalty” for choosing the wrong location – you must simply try again to navigate to the correct location.)

There are many variations on this operation if you have a more complex network or setup in your office.   Often, it is best to simply call and let us help you – we are happy to do that!   Call our support staff at:  706-353-3745 or email us at: and we’ll help you succeed without wasting too much time.