To calculate the correct amounts of sales, use, and TSPLOST taxes for Fulton County, Dekalb County, and the City of Atlanta, you need to know whether the relevant addresses are inside or outside the Atlanta City Limits. Here are two tools to help you make this determination.

Zip Codes

While some zip code zones are completely within the City of Atlanta, quite a few are partially inside the city limits and partially outside. For example, look at zip code zone 30331 on the southwest side of Atlanta, as shown on the zip code map below.

For addresses in these hybrid zip code zones, you can zoom in on the map to building level.  The map is located on the City of Atlanta site at:

Since this map is not on our site, it is not under our control and we cannot attest to its accuracy.  Please remember that it is the responsibility of the reseller to know the appropriate taxing district and rate information.   For the professional tax preparer, it creates a challenge when a client has not gathered the required information.  Please contact the City of Atlanta when in doubt.